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        Happy 2020 Womens day in JSPEED

        With the passage of time, the domestic epidemic has been well?controlled.The number of new coronavirus?cases across the country is gradually decreasing,even there is no person affected in some cities.However we have not relaxed.We still insist on wearing masks?and washing hands frequently?to ensure?comprehensive protection. In such a special period, International Women’s Day?is coming.

        JSPEED has prepared heartwarming gifts for female colleagues in advance. The gift?is a beautiful box with drinks, cookies, facial masks and various cute things. There are three?special ones. This three boxes?has FFP3?mask?in addition.You can even use it for one?month if you protect it properly. Our members?picked gift?from the boss’s office one by one, and everyone’s face was filled with smiles.Wish the March Eighth?~

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        Post time: 03-15-2020